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I wanna play it, but it wont accept any input at all, im using a generic gamepad to which i have emulators to translate it to an xbox controller, doesn't work both ways

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Same here. Tried to play with a PS4 controller. No input whatsoever. Also, there is no keyboard shortcut to close the game >-<


Played with my daughters and had a great time.

7yo's comments: It was very very fun because we just eating all the popcorn! But then I accidently ate a whole row of burnt popcorn. I like that you get slower if you eat more popcorn, because that's a very very good touch to it. Because then the other person can get more popcorn, while the other person is slow. I wouldn't really change anything about it, only if there was different types of popcorn that gave you bonuses. Like cinnamon popcorn would make you faster, and that sort of thing.

6yo: When you get fat your little belly button sticks out. I liked that. Sometimes the person who's doing the popcorn comes up and you have to hide behind the bowl. I like that too.

We are very glad you've liked it guys! Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts! :)