A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Mystical Samurai is an action platformer game made for GBJAM 7.


Left & Right
Up & DownGoing up or down stairs
AJump / Select
SAttack / Cancel
EnterSelect (on menu) / Skip intro


Game by Daz

Music by Paltian


  • Gamepad support. Connect your gamepad whenever you want and play the game with it!
  • Responsive controls. Character control is more responsive now, specially the jump behaviour.
  • Options menu. Choose between some options to play as you like. Play fullscreen or window mode, mute music and sounds effects...
  • Some design tweaks.
  • Some minor bugfixes.

Install instructions



The game won't start

- You need permissions to run third-party games. You can follow these instructions.

- Don't run the game from the Downloads folder. Try to move the game to another folder.


Mystical Samurai v2 (Mac) 44 MB
Mystical Samurai v2 (Windows) 41 MB


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Linux version, plsss

Esta muy bueno el juego, solo que tiene el problema de que no soporta correctamente los joysticks (al menos no los analogicos) ya que no detecta las flechas arriba y abajo, y se sube a las escaleras con izquierda y derecha.

¡Gracias! :-) ¿Con qué mando lo probaste?
Es posible que haya errores. Yo lo he testeado con un mando de Xbox y otro de PS4 y funciona bien, pero con otros puede que dé problemas.

Lo probe con un mando analogico, de esos que yo llamo controles genericos XD

Made a video

you are thinking of completing the game, I loved it, it's very original

Breath of fresh air! Short and sweet. Could be worth making into a full game

fuck the last boss

Short but sweet. Great game