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When I try and open it on OSX (10.15) I get an error: 

"The app has been modified or damaged"

On Mac, you need third-party permissions to run the game. Please, read the install instructions, there's a link with info.

Thanks - I'm used to doing that and I'm familiar with the message and how to work around it, but this seems to be something different: it says the app is damaged and it's not possible to 'unlock' it from the security menu.

OSX 10.15 no longer has the "anywhere" option, apps need to be signed now by a developer certificate :/ a quick fix is to run the following command in terminal: xattr -r -d <path to file or app>  

Dammit Apple :( thanks for the fix. I'm publishing all my games on web from now on, maintaining different OS versions takes so much time and effort, and I can't do that with my resources.

Love this game so much. 
Made a little a lets play of it.

Thanks for the video! :)

Linux version, plsss

Esta muy bueno el juego, solo que tiene el problema de que no soporta correctamente los joysticks (al menos no los analogicos) ya que no detecta las flechas arriba y abajo, y se sube a las escaleras con izquierda y derecha.

¡Gracias! :-) ¿Con qué mando lo probaste?
Es posible que haya errores. Yo lo he testeado con un mando de Xbox y otro de PS4 y funciona bien, pero con otros puede que dé problemas.

Lo probe con un mando analogico, de esos que yo llamo controles genericos XD

Made a video

you are thinking of completing the game, I loved it, it's very original

Breath of fresh air! Short and sweet. Could be worth making into a full game

fuck the last boss

Short but sweet. Great game