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RoboBlaster is an action platformer game made over 4 days for GBJAM 6.


Arrow keys
Down + A
3Zooms the game 3x
4Zooms the game 4x
D-Pad or Left Stick
Button 1
Button 2 or 3
Down + Button 1


Game by Daz

Music by x_rxi

Pixel font by somepx



- Mac version.


- Gamepad support added.

- Minor changes to level 3.

- Minor changes to enemies.

- Fixed a bug that made you start without lives on a new game.


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RoboBlaster (Windows) 5 MB
RoboBlaster (Mac) 6 MB


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the ending music is cool but it ended too fast :(

This game is awesome ! hope to see more levels !

that sure was some chill little game! :-)

This game is really fun, while there is some level that seems to not use their gimmick to their fullest. just like the room with one single shuriken in the middle of two platform i honestly don't know why that was there it not giving any chalenge being there. other then that it was great.

Hello Daniel Moreno, I recently played RoboBlaster on my channel. Here is the video I did showing off some of the gameplay. I hope you will enjoy the video. I enjoyed playing RoboBlaster very much!

hey, i thought this game was really rad so i did a video on it!! <3 


This game really brought me back to my childhood. I loved it!


RoboBlaster is a fun little MegaMan clone. While it has its own art style rather than true GameBoy pixels, it still looks really nice and gives that nostalgic feeling of playing one of the old MMs. Jumping, shooting, trying not to die to pitfalls and giant spiky things...it's a good time.

Good job, dev.

This is  a great game. The design and the music is fantastic. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Hey! Played a bit of this on my channel. :D

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Cool game, but you messed up on the controls:

  • Move left and right with left & right arrows or A & D
  • Jump with up arrow or W
  • Dash with same controls left and right + Shift
  • Shoot with spacebar

Perhaps also add a health bar in the boss fights. Though I do really like the font you're using on this page, could you tell me what it's called?